5 Crystals for 2023

5 Crystals for 2023

Bring in the positive energy for the new year with these five crystals. Whether you use crystals and gemstones for your spiritual practices or just a daily reminder of the energies you want to invite into your life. Here are our top recommendations for 2023.



Carnelian symbolizes happiness, helping you the invite positivity into your life. A great crystal for artists and creatives alike to help channel creative energy. 

Rose Quartz

Invite loving energy this new year. Rose Quartz is a symbol of love. Known for helping to attract love, romantic or platonic. 



Keep bad vibes away with onyx. It could be negative thoughts or people. Carry onyx with you as protection from these energies.


Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a symbol if wealth and prosperity. Attract money or abundance.


Tiger's Eye

We all need a little wisdom and insight to guide us through the year. Tiger's eye is also a magnet for abundance and helps to guide you toward the right decisions.




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